Thursday, December 23, 2010

Claudine Barretto on Twitter

Gonna take a nap with saint n sab.sweetest of dreams 
1:18 AM Nov 22nd via Twitterrific

Sobra na!ang sakit na ng ginagawa nila.may pamilya rin ako,tao rin ako.hindi ako ganung klaseng babae 
1:48 AM Nov 11th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Lahat ng galaw ko nilalagyan ng malisya,pati makipag kaibigan bawal na rin b 
1:51 AM Nov 11th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

I remember una namin trip ni rico was Pearl Farm.i so luv davao people r rili nice 
4:23 AM Aug 21st via Twitter for BlackBerry®

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Maria Ressa on Twitter

Love the efficiency of singapore! Out of airport in 20 mins. Errands and chili crabs at ecp. Missing smell of kretek and the call to prayers 
about 8 hours ago via UberTwitter

Call to prayers reverberating around the hills of borobodur. I didn't realize how much I missed these signs of daily devotion. 
12:19 AM Jul 18th via UberTwitter

Hospitals remind you how lucky you are to be healthy - and how that is so not in your control. 
7:06 PM Jul 5th via web

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Drew Arellano on twitter

Featured numerous animals throughout the years and still no fail to get endorphins from them ♥ that's why kuya kim is always happy&young! :) 
6:09 PM Jul 15th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Better than sex... Almost: Ziplining 200ft above the ground with a speed of 100km/hr for nearly 1000meters...INVERTED. I love Davao. 
10:23 PM Jul 2nd via UberTwitter

After an hour, car moved a KM. So hungry my eyes are playing tricks on me. Head of my driver looks like a big, fat, juicy slab of ribeye. 
6:18 AM Jun 28th via UberTwitter

I am officially nanghihina. 
2:51 AM Jul 1st via UberTwitter 

They took the body away. They covered the blood on the floor with 
white towels but red/brown color still visible. 
2:46 AM Jul 1st via UberTwitter 

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Rafe Totengco on Twitter

Shooting Fall Winter campaign in the midst of oppressive Summer weather. How we suffer for fashion! 
2:42 PM Jul 12th via Twitter for iPhone

Read about Rafe's Ikat collection, hand woven by the T'boli Tribe in the Philippines. 
5/5/2010 9:49:38 PM via Facebook

Theyre called strays RT @elccid: Dunno who's straight or gay @ the Abbey anymore. Guys with their girlfiends chekin out other guys, WTF!!! 
6:00 AM May 2nd via Twitter for iPhone

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Amina Aranaz on Twitter

can't believe am actually starting to love numbers! 
6/28/2010 8:08:07 PM via TweetDeck

off to a shoot for Rags2Riches! Check out RIIR by ARANAZ Summer Collection using upcycled materials 
5/13/2010 7:04:38 AM via TweetDeck

weekly massages are the best :) 
6/23/2010 4:16:07 PM via TweetDeck

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Shahani Gania @ Twitter

Sometimes I wish that I was a female stylist. Shopping for 2 genders isn't really practical. 
11:21 AM Jul 16th via TweetDeck

Friends, wala po ako balak magpatanggal! Pre-op and post-op 
tranny talk lang kami here sa shoot! :) LOL. Gusto raw niya boobs w/o sex organ 
5:04 AM Jul 11th via TweetDeck 

According to a friend here at the shoot, 15k lang daw patanggal ng 
betlog sa St Lukes. Out-patient pa. After one month liliit na muscles mo 
4:59 AM Jul 11th via TweetDeck

I find cute, young art directors really hot. Turn off lang when you show them a pic of Kate Moss and they dont know who she is. 
5:19 AM Jul 11th via TweetDeck 

Nagbalik na nga pala ang yaya ko na si Fatima :) meron na akong PA, kusinera, labandera, at manicurista all in one! Yehey!! 
10:41 AM Jul 16th via TweetDeck

I found 3 Eye of the Tiger remixes... and they're good ha! :) 
7/11/2010 8:46:48 PM via TweetDeck

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Heart Evangelista @ Twitter

Pinoy TV's sweetheart: Love Marie Ongpauco in real life, better known as Heart Evangelista. Her twitter account is heart021485.

I hate it how yayas dont treat my dogs well then pagpinagalitan they wash their hands!arg 
6:15 AM Jun 13th via Twitter for BlackBerry® 

Maid left all I'm stuck in traffic starving. Then they say your snabera.hay.pero pagbaligtad they make reklamo. Hayhayhay 
8:53 PM Apr 13th via UberTwitter

So pissed at my help...she didnt feed the nikita! 
5:22 AM Jun 13th via Twitter for BlackBerry® 

No war:) just love:) wag madumi isip lovesss:) 
5:19 AM Jun 13th via Twitter for BlackBerry® 

On my way to barrio fiesta:) 
5:15 AM Jun 13th via Twitter for BlackBerry® 

Go and try to wash your hands little miss :)but dont use other 
people for fame:) 
3:51 AM Jun 13th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

RT @celine_gabriel: Is it just me or is Gretchen starting to look very "Michael J." ?-omg! 
8:36 AM Apr 12th via UberTwitter

I'd rather have a hand-full,proven and tested friends than an army of shallow acquaintances:) 
1:38 AM Mar 4th via UberTwitter

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Monday, September 6, 2010

JayR on Twitter

JayR aka jayr sillona The Philippines so called Platinum Prince of Soul is on twitter

At my moms house. I feel like im in highschool again. 
4:04 AM Jul 15th via web

I surprised my sisters and mom on mothers day. Judging by my moms reaction it looked like she was really astonished to see me. i love my fam 
5/12/2010 8:52:34 PM via web

What would you do with a million bucks? 
4/15/2010 3:32:15 PM via web 

Roast beef ranch chicken salad, chicken adobo n garlic rice n an 
ensimada. I havnt had an awesome breakfast in a while. 
4/15/2010 4:15:30 AM via mobile web from Blacow, Fremont

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Ai-Ai de las Alas on Twitter

Ai-Ai de las Alas twitter account is a total bore, it doesn't reflect the woman's comedic spunk. It drones out her schedule on queue, pure drivel on where she is and what she's promoting, she should be on foursquare instead. But since she's fairly new, let's just hope Ai-ai gains steam and starts yapping away on twitter!

Badminton lang ako now. But tom punta ako batangas victory dinner ni gov ate vi congrats!!! Yes my idol to the max!
6:52 AM May 24th via UberTwitter

Yes dumating na kanina admission slip ko for UP diploma for public management..yehey hapi ako makaka enroll na ako.

1:58 AM May 24th via UberTwitter

pokie, eto ang twitter ko! @pokwang27
7:36 AM May 23rd via web

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Rajo Laurel on Twitter

How come the queen of Philippine fashion is wearing the most horrible fake pearls? Its baffling?!
9:02 AM Jul 12th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

I am glad I did it, no fixers, no hassle VIP treatments! DFA rocks!!! BRAVO!!!
8:31 PM Jul 16th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Preparing now for a cover shoot for a mens magazine! Can you imagine that I will be on the cover? OMG!!!
4:18 AM Jul 15th via Twitter for BlackBerry

Does anyone know what you call the fabric that men from the middle east wrap their heads in? Usually red and white?
11:14 PM Jul 12th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

I failed!!!! The lure of alcohol won over the quest for health! Next week will be another quest. help me GOD!!!
2:04 PM Jul 9th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

What good is it to be in the VIP section when you pretty much alone?! Hello!
1:00 PM Jul 9th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Pokwang on Twitter

OMG!! Malapit na ma lowbatt ang BB ko wala parin kmi kuririnti!! Kakalokaaa!! Antipolo ano na?? Hello? Meralco? Pleaseeee.....
7:08 AM Jul 14th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Nabiyayaan ako ng grasya ni ms.kris aquino mahal nya tlaga ako! Pinamana na nya sakin ang pink na bus nya! God bless her family! :)
7:12 PM Jul 11th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Lucky Manzano on Twitter

Ate Vi I am so proud of your son! He may not dance well, and looks like Edu still he's so well-mannered, sharp and funny on twitter! Oh for those who think he's gay, he's not! he just lives on Uranus! (sic @luckymanzano)

its the time of the month again that we all love... paying bills... 
7:12 AM Jul 15th via web 

Sex ed should come from the driver and the yaya, so we won't hear the word p*nis anymore, only junjun 
6:10 AM Jul 11th via Twitter for BlackBerry® 

never be greedy with kindness, we never know when we might need a bit in our lives.. :) 
10:34 AM Jul 10th via web 

I'm so close to getting a tattoo 
1:06 PM Jul 9th via Twitter for BlackBerry® 

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Charice on Twitter

I tried to audition. And i made it!!! Let's Party!!!! 
2:19 PM Jun 21st via Echofon 

It's official. I'm on Glee (next season) but story behind it. When d rumor came out, it wasn't true. But then after that; 

Songwriter hall of fame awards night was amazing. I saw Ms.Taylor Swift watching and smiling at me. Thank you Sir.DavidFoster :) 
8:12 PM Jun 17th via Echofon 

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Jejemon Binay on Twitter

Funny and makulit political and social satirist, if you need a good laugh this is the jejemon to follow. Just bear with his spelling and capslock though - Jejemon Binay!

C GmA, IMeLdA, LUcY T, LAni M, MaNNY PacQuiAo Sa iisAnG BubONG! WeLCMe 2 D PINoY BiG BRother HouSe of RPrEsentaTiVeS!  
2:08 AM Jul 8th via web 

MALAmaN ang AQuin0 CaBinEt, waLANg saRDinaZ, PuRo cHunKY 
COrnbEEF! ~LOLz! 
10:48 AM Jul 6th via web

I UsEd 2 DRive aRounD wiTH MY WaNG WaNG ouT! NoW iTs Soo DYaHe! I MiSs my WaNG WaNG naH! 
8:57 AM Jul 2nd via web 

MAR! MamALEnGKe na U buKaS! MaGpaPArTy kaMI Ni NOY sA MaLACaNaNg! IsaMa mo nA c BAyAnI MaG pAdyAk nG PEdIcAb mo LoLZ! 
10:05 PM Jun 9th via web

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mariel Rodriguez on Twitter

Mariel Rodriguez is as loud on TV as she is on Twitter! Known as Mariel Termulo in her legal life. Mariel is a loose cannon on Twitter and is a definite Do Follow!

Choice Tweets of Mariel Rodriguez (itsmemarielt on twitter)

I robin padilla

11:18 AM Jul 17th via UberTwitter

Hindi ko na alam... Hindi ko na alam...

10:59 AM Jul 17th via UberTwitter

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Friday, July 9, 2010

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Know thy saluyot! Enjoy Pinoy Cuisine! The true pinoy foodie tweets about the best pinoy recipe!

Food bloggers! Have any good vegetarian Filipino recipes?
about 20 hours ago via CoTweet

Do NOT click to see photo if you're squeamish. RT @djJTRU F*kin gotta love Filipino food!

Healthy Pinoy food RT @ivoryhut Ensaladang talong, chicken / fish adobo, seafood sinigang, chop suey, inihaw, bistek, nilaga, lumpiang ubod

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sarah Geronimo on Twitter

Sarah's Choice Tweets:

It's yesterday once more... Haha! I love having a concert tour here in the US. :) kamusta kayo guys? :)
12:23 PM May 19th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Kanina after asap,may nag-interview sakin for a talk show.Msama dw ba loob ko sa mga taong nagpalki ng issue abt me..Haay.
1:23 PM May 16th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Hmm.. sensitive pa rin pala ako kahit sa maliit na bagay. sorry...
5/14/2010 2:37:13 PM via Twitter for BlackBerry®

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Shaina Magdayao Twitter

Seeing Manong Magtataho made my morning!! Haha :) I've been craving for taho for 3 days na kase! Hehe! 
10:34 PM Feb 18th via UberTwitter

-having fun, but being responsible .Okay. So wht's wrong about it? :( people disappoint me nga nmn talaga sometimes. Makagawa lng ng issue☹ 
10:42 AM Feb 16th via UberTwitter

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Efren Penaflorida on twitter

Efren Penaflorida is CNN's "Hero of the Year" and a true inspiration for all Filipinos!

He is keeping us updated with his social advocacy on twitter. Follow Efren Geronimo Peñaflorida Jr. on twitter

Many people are spending enough time at work and enough time with their families but they don’t have enough time left for themselves. 
7:39 AM Mar 9th via web

I have an offer to further my studies abroad, but I have a career that is building up here. I'm facing a dilemma: to study or to earn?? ;( 
6:07 AM Feb 11th via web

All life is an experiment. 
10:14 AM Feb 10th via web

I also hope to meet you all, someday! Keep smiling and stay positive! ;) Let's all unleash the hero in us by doing something good for others 
3:12 AM Feb 23rd via web

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Monday, April 19, 2010

JennyLyn Mercado on Twitter

I want to thank all the people who have supported me throughout the year. i love you all!!! 
11:08 PM Dec 30th, 2009 via web

at home bonding with my baby 
2:48 AM Mar 7th via web

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Katrina Halili on Twitter

learned my faults and accept the consequences of it 
1:35 AM Mar 9th via web

thanks to DOJ sana magtuloy tuloy na ung case..pls help pray for me, i want to special thanks to sen. bong revilla for helping me. 
3:00 AM Oct 24th, 2009 via web

i have contract signing today on GMA - first project to be part of party pilipinas..i am very grateful! thanks to my home network 
1:59 AM Mar 12th via web

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Follow DJ Mo Twister

Follow DJ Mo Twister

Grocery shopping alone is lonely. 
about 19 hours ago via TweetDeck

Wow, you can just tell who are the steroid users here in the weight room. Testicles like a newborn. 
4:14 AM Mar 15th via TweetDeck

I'm the only fat guy flexing in front of the mirror. I'm trying to piss off the buff guys. 
4:08 AM Mar 15th via TweetDeck

Im on the treadmill, running with one hand tweeting and the other hand feeding my mouth some orange tic tacs! Oh, and running. 
3:28 AM Mar 15th via TweetDeck

TODAY IS NOT A GOOD DAY AT WORK FOR ME. why is it wrong to want a punch an old lady in the throat? 
11:20 PM Mar 11th via TweetDeck

learn to say "I love you" in French...its pronounced "Ménage a trois ".... 
10:30 PM Mar 5th via TweetDeck

just heard Ruffa Gutierrez walked out of the Buzz in tears cuz Kris Aquinos attitude prob. she was being rude bout Ruffa going go tv5. Sucks 
4:36 AM Mar 7th via TweetDeck

I'm at the belo clinic getting this Bruce Lee shit done on me where machine pads are put on my chest and simulate pushups and situps.Bad ass 
5:19 AM Mar 8th via TweetDeck

ok, this will sound pathetic. ive had 15 bottles of san mig light in my ref since october, in case i have company. i have 14 bottles now. the housekeeper drank one sometime in december.
9:03 AM Feb 25th via TweetDeck

I get a heavy and sad feeling everytime I walk in Rustans Department store, there's a lonely air about this place. 
6:21 AM Feb 25th via Twitterrific

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Paolo Bediones on Twitter

Paolo Bediones on Twitter

Some people have so much angst in life that even when you r kind to them they find ways to take even that against u. Its sad. life goes on. 
6:45 AM Mar 14th via web

Now it can be told as announced by maam Luchi Cruz-Valdez just a while ago: I shall be the Primetime News Anchor for TV5. Exhilarating!! :) 
2:51 AM Mar 9th via web

People always say take things one step at a time...but what we have to look out for is if we are still going in the right direction 
12:38 AM Mar 3rd via web

It was nice to see old friends from and bosses from GMA and ABS last night at the Yes party. I realized I was the only talent from TV5 :) 
2:40 AM Feb 24th via web

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Iza Calzado on Twitter

You'd be surprise on how outspoken and Iza Calzado is on twitter, her tweets are socially relevant. The showbiz fluff is a bonus :)  

Iza Calzado
on twitter

hrd radio ads of 2 presidentaibles dat just seemed so fake. Talkin abt d past wen they shud B focused on the future & wht they can do NOW!
10:35 PM Mar 14th via UberTwitter

Pacquiao's double hand move was so very FPJ inspired! Hahaha! :p
12:01 AM Mar 14th via UberTwitter

I am so honored to be nominated together with great actresses Vilma Santos, Irma Adlawan and so many others. This is a dream come true.
12:17 AM Mar 8th via UberTwitter

On my way to Spiral buffet at Sofitel. Yummy! :) I must remember how hard training was today so I can stay away frm the dessert table :p
12:01 AM Mar 11th via UberTwitter

If anyone asks why I'm so concerned? I was once obese. I come from a family of hearty eaters & I'm trying 2 change that. The Time is NOW! :)
12:24 AM Feb 16th via UberTwitter

Dear Smart. As much as I love ur service, there seems to be a problem with it today. Msgs are majorly lagging. I wonder if it's just my fone
1:35 AM Feb 17th via UberTwitter

Yo Jamby, fyi, I don't think you would have won in the 2004 elections if not for Juday. At least be grateful abt it..
7:41 PM Feb 11th via UberTwitter

Iza Calzado on twitter

Friday, March 19, 2010

Marian Rivera on twitter

Marian Rivera on twitter

I'm new to this!!! A lot of my friends have been bugging me about twitter so.. here it guys!!! i swear i'll keep u all updated! he he. :)) 
9:26 AM Jun 2nd, 2009 via web

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ruffa Gutierrez on Twitter

Ruffa Gutierrez on Twitter

I just want to share the good news that after 3 years Dolly Anne Carvajal & I have buried the hatchet. PEACE PEACE PEACE! :) 
1:36 PM Mar 13th via web

Pls watch me tomorrow on the BUZZ! My farewell episode na :( I just want to have a graceful exit that everyone will remember with fondness. 
6:40 AM Mar 13th via UberTwitter

To Miss Kris Aquino's family, loved ones and fans from all across the globe, I would also like to apologize kung nasaktan ang damdamin nyo. 
12:33 PM Mar 9th via web

I've heard from the whole world except from Kris. So until then i will remain graciously quiet about this. Thank u. 
2:32 AM Mar 8th via web

NALOLOKAAAA ako sa mga comments ni Osang! Gosh pinawisan ako ng bonggang bongga n na-stress ako talaga! She's so frank! 
7:33 AM Mar 9th via UberTwitter

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank ABS-CBN for allowing me to shine in my 3yrs as a Kapamilya. I will forever be grateful... 
1:50 AM Mar 5th via UberTwitter

Gosh Piolo Pascual used to find me intimidating! But more na. Para daw akong bata. Hehe! :) 
7:38 PM Mar 4th via

Naku if I can only tweet what I'm seeing...grabe! In showbiz talaga there are no permanent enemies just permanent interests. 
7:53 AM Mar 4th via UberTwitter

Follow Ruffa @ twitter. She's on privacy mode, but she does add her fans! Well, her PA does :p

Monday, March 8, 2010

Angelica Panganiban Twitter Page

My friends are taking good care of me. Sarap.
2:13 AM Feb 11th from UberTwitter

One by one... Nabubuo sya. One by one, naayos sya.
4:00 AM Feb 19th from UberTwitter

7:59 PM Feb 16th from TweetDeck

Binili ako ng fries ng driver ko. Hang sweet!
12:33 AM Feb 13th from UberTwitter

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Bianca Gonzalez on Twitter

happiness is unexpectedly being upgraded to business class, on a loooong flight, when all you really fly is economy! :)))) woohoooo! 
5:42 AM Feb 20th from web

some habits are so hard to break! 
7:58 AM Feb 15th from web

 love being in gowns, but i also love wearing more masculine outfits like pantsuits. :) something so glamorous and powerful about it! 
8:04 AM Feb 6th from web

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Howie Severino @ Twitter

I'm ambivalent about feeling happy about a beating.
5:20 AM Nov 15th, 2009 from web

The rain and wind stopped all of a sudden, then the power came back. This is the kind of typhoon I like.
7:24 PM Oct 30th, 2009 from web

We need to start calling it the Ampatuan Massacre, because it occurred in the town the Ampatuans named after themselves. Spare Maguindanao.
4:33 AM Nov 25th, 2009 from web

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bighani Daquigan: bighunneh

Okra is yummy. :D I missed eating that veggie. :) 
5:41 AM Jan 16th from web

If all good things must come to an end, all bad things would also eventually end. 
8:01 AM Dec 28th, 2009 from web

Stop making me melt. It makes not falling for you harder. 
10:16 PM Dec 21st, 2009 from web

Don't you know that you're the bitch everyone loves to hate? Bitch. 
4:22 AM Dec 6th, 2009 from web

You have stolen my heart. 
3:01 AM Nov 28th, 2009 from web

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Kris Aquino-Yap on Twitter

Kris Aquino's Official Twitter page started on February 11. Do we need more of her everywhere? especially online?

If you have 'Kris Aquino fetish' and want a direct link into her head. Her tweets so far don't disappoint!

My gosh! Super exhaustion and my lack of balance while scrubbing my legs, I slipped in the shower. Super banged my head around 1:30 AM...
11:38 PM Feb 18th from web

Last tweet till I'm better. Forcing myself to update you all. I suffered a concussion. Cerebral and inner ear. Must've fallen that hard...
7:33 AM Feb 19th from web

Going home na. Will rest till Wednesday. My head still feels heavy but I was able to sleep/rest a lot. Baby James was saying, "Wawa mama...
about 5 hours ago from web

This is really Krisy. My proof - I was born Feb 14, 1971 at exactly 11:42 PM! I was exactly 7 lbs. via CS section in FEU Hospital.
2:15 AM Feb 11th from web

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Ernest Pascual on Twitter: Patweetams_lang

i miss arnis day 
10:44 PM Feb 17th from web

twitter makes me surf the net bigtime! 
9:27 PM Feb 17th from web

noodles and self control. 
4:14 AM Feb 9th from web

i wanna be the no. 1 samurai. 
9:42 AM Feb 7th from web

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