Sunday, July 26, 2009

Erika Romero

[on break] my mom packed me some longaniza and rice. YUM! thanks mama. i feel like im in school again. haha.
6:01 AM Jul 20th from web

In 1998, I turned 12.
4:19 AM Jul 19th from Twitterrific

Apparently the new chickens hangout is on my window grill.. While they tap their beaks on my window.
3:53 AM Jul 15th from Twitterrific

I have definitely passed down my insomnia to my brother. still BOTH awake
2:57 PM Jul 14th from web

I stuffed a tissue in one nostril. i look ridiculous. im wondering if i should take a pic of it.
12:05 PM Jul 13th from web

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Paolo Valenciano on Twitter

the cost of living a comfortable life is enough to make you feel uncomfortable. sigh.
1:50 AM Jul 20th from web

somebody nominated me as Mr Twitter of the philippines. uhhh.. i don't know how i feel about this. haha!
11:12 PM Jul 15th from web

i love my country but im not so proud of it right now.
2:46 PM May 30th from web

JOOOOOKE! la salle kulelat
3:32 AM Jul 16th from web

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A very candid Saab Magalona on Twitter

I want kisses (the hersheys kind)
about 5 hours ago from TweetDeck

OMG I dont wanna make patol but its super kaasar when a girl talks maarte but is a super palengkera naman inside. Yeah you sound like that.
1:13 PM Jul 22nd from TweetDeck

With our tuition fee, you'd think ateneo could do something abt the muddy and flooded sidewalks (near the library) :(
11:40 PM Jul 16th from mobile web

Snobby girls in Stella Luna giving me crazy eyes. Hey I can buy nice shoes too, leave me alone.
4:01 AM Jun 7th

It's my first trip to the dermatologist ever. I'm scared! But it's free so why not. Haha i have baby pimples near my brows:(
12:50 AM Jun 8th from mobile web

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Alex Barles Tweets

had fried chicken and chopseuy for lunch + kamatis and toyo as sawsawan. =)
11:31 PM Jul 14th from web

God changes us little by little. :-)
11:44 PM Jun 28th from web

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Francis Brew on Twitter

a scar on Jupiter, and a partial solar eclipse... renewed interest in astronomy. if only Celestrons were affordable ;p
12:53 AM Jul 22nd from web

is in Tracks. watching Rivermaya record their new ditties :) i want a barbecue from the store across the street
3:00 AM Jul 8th from TweetDeck

Begging for shore leave is NOT the same as abandoning ship.
8:31 AM May 16th from web

When you step on smelly shit, wipe it off right away. otherwise it'll make you slip
11:06 PM May 13th from web

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