Saturday, September 3, 2011

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# OMG!! FML!I was describing something to my dad with grand arm gestures and as I lifted my arms my shirt flew up and flashed my dad! #killmenow 
about 21 hours ago via ÜberSocial

I don't usually hate. But I really dislike people who insult others without even knowing them. Ay! 
about 22 hours ago via ÜberSocial

Ordered a salad for take out.they gave me a spoon.hhhmm how do I eat this? Survivor style or doggy style? Lmao 
10:15 PM Apr 11th via ÜberSocial

Haha I know guys my pinoy accent is horrible.but I'm learning and will keep on need to challenge yourselves. 8:10 AM Apr 5th via ÜberSocial

Me:" dad,my twitter friends say happy bday!" Dad:"wot iz zis twitty zing"(french accent) lol 8:20 AM Apr 2nd via ÜberSocial

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