Thursday, October 29, 2009

Carmela Santiago @ Twitter

I want new moccasins.
about 10 hours ago from TweetDeck

seriously envies bored people.
I long to be bored too!! =(
1:59 PM Oct 25th from web

The most disturbing thing: seeing a headless puppy. Shitty. =((
3:32 AM Oct 25th from web

I seriously enjoy raiding my mum's closet! She's got so many beautiful vintage stuff! When I saw the vintage rings --- I died.
1:29 AM Oct 11th from web

I've only read seven from the best 50 banned books you should read, gotta read s'more!
3:23 AM Oct 10th from web

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Please don't do it again. I'm too fragile for that. :(
8:24 PM Oct 21st from web

is thinking purple.
12:43 AM Oct 20th from web

slipped on the pavement and wounded himself. Scratches all over left arm & leg.
11:50 AM Oct 16th from mobile web

misses Rico Yan. Biglaan lang. haha
8:00 PM Aug 23rd from API

six f*ckin' months. It's the kind that lasts. :D
10:12 PM Aug 19th from API

likes yogurt because it has culture. I like culture. It's rare.
10:04 PM Aug 19th from API

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jjoinwonderland @ twitter

Why do some people make it their personal vendetta to ruin other people's lives? Seriously, were you not hugged enough as a child?
4:21 AM Oct 27th from web

Last night, I met you, praline hazelnut gateau with raspberry jelly. I probably won't ever see you again, but I just want to say I love you.
9:10 AM Oct 24th from mobile web

Don't push me. I swear you'll regret it.
10:45 AM Oct 18th from Brizzly

That ginormous lion's head along Kennon Road still scares the bejeezus out of me.
11:14 AM Sep 19th from web

A very large airplane just flew above our neighborhood. At 1AM. When everyone else is sleeping except me. Not the most fun sound to hear.
9:46 AM Sep 16th from web

Water through a straw tastes weird. :|
1:21 AM Apr 26th from web

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