Monday, August 16, 2010

Ai-Ai de las Alas on Twitter

Ai-Ai de las Alas twitter account is a total bore, it doesn't reflect the woman's comedic spunk. It drones out her schedule on queue, pure drivel on where she is and what she's promoting, she should be on foursquare instead. But since she's fairly new, let's just hope Ai-ai gains steam and starts yapping away on twitter!

Badminton lang ako now. But tom punta ako batangas victory dinner ni gov ate vi congrats!!! Yes my idol to the max!
6:52 AM May 24th via UberTwitter

Yes dumating na kanina admission slip ko for UP diploma for public management..yehey hapi ako makaka enroll na ako.

1:58 AM May 24th via UberTwitter

pokie, eto ang twitter ko! @pokwang27
7:36 AM May 23rd via web

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Rajo Laurel on Twitter

How come the queen of Philippine fashion is wearing the most horrible fake pearls? Its baffling?!
9:02 AM Jul 12th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

I am glad I did it, no fixers, no hassle VIP treatments! DFA rocks!!! BRAVO!!!
8:31 PM Jul 16th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Preparing now for a cover shoot for a mens magazine! Can you imagine that I will be on the cover? OMG!!!
4:18 AM Jul 15th via Twitter for BlackBerry

Does anyone know what you call the fabric that men from the middle east wrap their heads in? Usually red and white?
11:14 PM Jul 12th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

I failed!!!! The lure of alcohol won over the quest for health! Next week will be another quest. help me GOD!!!
2:04 PM Jul 9th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

What good is it to be in the VIP section when you pretty much alone?! Hello!
1:00 PM Jul 9th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Pokwang on Twitter

OMG!! Malapit na ma lowbatt ang BB ko wala parin kmi kuririnti!! Kakalokaaa!! Antipolo ano na?? Hello? Meralco? Pleaseeee.....
7:08 AM Jul 14th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Nabiyayaan ako ng grasya ni ms.kris aquino mahal nya tlaga ako! Pinamana na nya sakin ang pink na bus nya! God bless her family! :)
7:12 PM Jul 11th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

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