Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tim Tayag

left our car in Rockwell because of a fire!!!

about 5 hours ago from web

has been promoted to the title of "in charge", now I feel like Scott Baio

11:18 PM Apr 20th from web

is collecting all the sayings of old Filipino elders

12:21 PM Apr 20th from web

just found out Bradgelina were in the Philippines looking to adopt... am i too old?

10:35 AM Apr 16th from web

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says Seth Godin replied to my e-mail. OMGWTFBBQ. Almost fell out of my chair when I opened my Inbox!!
6:20 AM Apr 20th from web

says why are people saying Ted Failon requesting a news blackout is unfair? Sila namatayan - hindi tayo.
12:58 AM Apr 16th from web

Mondays are almost always HELL-ON-EARTH. Rok On!

7:51 PM May 6th, 2007 from web

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Enough of Ted Failon news already. We don't care.

5:41 AM Apr 21st from BeTwittered

Priests can just take a leave of absence, then get married and have children, then come back to priesthood later when they like it? Crap.

7:33 PM Mar 23rd from BeTwittered

Never ride at the jeepney driver's side going north in the afternoon. The sun will burn you.

4:27 AM Mar 18th from BeTwittered

Just shaved. Southeast Asians hate beards, totally the opposite of middleasterns.

5:26 AM Jan 5th from BeTwittered

The front says Made in Korea, a sticker in the back says it's made in China, and in the inside label says made in Japan.
What's going on?3:58 AM Jan 5th from BeTwittered


has 2,021 worshipers on twitter. It's chump change compared to NY Times but hey, I'm shocked I have THAT many people following me.
3:33 AM Apr 4th from

likes long walks on the beach, after anal.

10:39 AM Jan 25th from web

is wondering how to celebrate his 20th birthday. You better start sending me gifts you dirty whores. MARCH 21.

will suck dick for these Raf Simons boots.

4:02 AM Jan 24th from

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

been dreaming about my teeth falling out quite frequently. what the hellabout
20 hours ago from web

Good morning Twitter..people? Twitterers? Twitterians? Well whatever people that Twitter are called, I'm having breakfast.
7:36 PM Apr 11th from web

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Marco Palinar

Everybody loves fake plastic imagery because it rots beautifully in the back of your mind.
5:39 AM Apr 19th from twitterrific

So hard to swallow.
6:52 AM Apr 16th from twitterrific

It's so ironic how they call people on twitter elitists but all I can see on Plurk are people finding happiness in making others miserable.
3:30 AM Apr 17th from twitterrific

Heres something to reflect on over the holy week-if you had a mermaid gf w/c would you prefer:human top/fish bottom or fish top/human bottom
1:50 AM Apr 9th from twitterrific

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What's with the holy week and it brings out the slut in everyone?
8:57 AM Apr 7th from twitterrific

there must be a better way of dealing with the blues. shopping and eating are just too darn expensive.
2:28 AM Mar 17th from web

why am i chatting with 19 yo's? why do i even contemplate on whether or not i'm going to flirth with them. where are the guys my age?
2:57 AM Mar 4th from web

just read a wikihow on how to assemble swedish goggles
2:18 PM Aug 14th, 2008 from web

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gonna workout. :| still not getting sexy enough for college! damn.
3:00 AM Apr 19th from web

I hate our maid.
5:18 AM Apr 15th from web

Lady gaga's like the wilder clone of madonna. Hahaha wth is up with her outfits! but madonna's still my bitch though ;)
11:58 AM Apr 18th from web

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Ted Failon Case on Twitter

News reports and updates of the much talked about Ted Failon case.

Failon's late wife tests negative for gun powder residue
4:46 PM Apr 17th from web

The family driver and three housemaids of the Failon family were charged by the Quezon City police for obstruction of justice

4:50 PM Apr 17th from web

TRINIDAD “TRINA” ETONG, the wife of ABS-CBN anchor and former congressman Ted Failon
shot herself

4:44 PM Apr 17th from web

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Brian Viloria

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Did I just win another world championship? Or is this just a dream? It feels so surreal. Pinching myself to see if I'm going to wake up...
9:44 AM Apr 19th from web

I am so damn tired! I'm going to fall out any minute now. This has been the longest day in my life. And the greatest at the same time.
9:40 AM Apr 19th from web

This is what all my hard work has come down to...this day...this moment...and you know what? I'm going to enjoy every minute!
3:25 PM Apr 18th from web

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Bob Ong on Twitter!

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Wala kang ibang paghuhugutan ng sipag, tiyaga, at determinasyon kundi sarili mo
4:00 AM Apr 9th from web

Totoong biro lang ng mga Pinoy na recess ang paborito nilang subject... Dahil kung paborito ang pag-uusapan, walang tatalo sa uwian.nakarating din kami sa bahay. Bumbunan lang ata namin ang tuyo. At sa kapal ng putik sa sapatos namin, pwede ka nang gumawa ng palayok.
ang tatlong ginintuang aral ng high school: ang suklay, salamin at deodorant.
Siguro mga 40 pupils kami. 39 lang ang upuan ... Isa ang araw-araw na makikipag-Trip To Jerusalem.
Ako 'yun.
6:29 AM Nov 28th, 2008 from web
Pag lumabas ka ng bahay, huhulihin ka ng mamang may sako, ki-kidnapin ka tapos yung dugo mo gagawing pampatigas ng mga ginagawang tulay.4:00 AM Mar 4th from web

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pauljohnpena on twitter

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is at the bank withdrawing notes and joy.
11:23 PM Dec 22nd, 2008 from TwitterBerry

Officially hates chowking pasig kapitolyo. Slow and inattentive staff!
11:57 PM Dec 3rd, 2008 from TwitterBerry

6,527 days ago: birth of the first webpage.
12:23 PM Nov 6th, 2008 from twitterrific

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Thursday, April 16, 2009


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I'm hearing nothing but great things about this year's Wrestlemania. I might actually watch it this time! (my last was Wrestlemania XX)
12:50 PM Apr 6th from web

note to self: you're halfway done with college, now isn't the best time to rethink what you want to do in life!
12:03 PM Mar 21st from

Watch my dad try to win it all on GAME KNB later at 11am. :D
2:15 PM Oct 24th, 2008 from web

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Words that struck me today: "breakdown to breakthrough."
6:57 AM Dec 2nd, 2008 from Twadget

I have to keep reminding myself I'm only human. If I'm hurt, I'm hurt. No getting around it and, like all things, this too will pass.
10:51 AM Sep 14th, 2008 from TwitterBar

I have a sty in my eye. :-(
9:41 AM Mar 26th from TwitKit

I'm in Manila, as in Maynila, for the day. I got a terrible cab driver, and I'm just convincing myself it's part of the city's charm. Right.
11:21 PM Aug 13th, 2008 from phtwitters

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lookin at wedding gowns online. hahaha... makes me smile even if i don't have a clue of my groom to be...hihihi
2:01 AM Apr 15th from TwitterFox

work is all i have.
12:46 AM Apr 15th from TwitterFox

random thoughts... i wanna own a hybrid car...
3:05 AM Apr 14th from TwitterFox

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The girl who greets guests at the entrance of Shangri-La Beijing looks like Hwang Mi HeeI was so surprised to see a grade school classmate of mine as one of the flight attendants on PAL
11:22 AM Apr 4th from TwitterFon


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I don't want a one-time concert. I want something "For The First Time." That Richard-KC movie will allow me to explore my inner vagina.
5:06 AM Aug 30th, 2008 from web

For The First Time was awful. That movie drove me into serious state of depression. Where's Sexy Jesus when you need him?
10:19 AM Aug 30th, 2008 from web

should i even call this a life? goddamnit i just sit around and whine all day.
11:49 AM Aug 17th, 2008 from web

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Ibong Twiririt!

The world is a twitter! leaving most social networking sites in its dust.

Are you tweeting yet? you should, pinoys are catching on. The same weblust shown for facebook and multiply will take over! (No, twitter has not gone jologs like friendster! the masses haven't propagated into Tweeting just yet)

What is Twitter?

A digital and pop culture phenom supported by celebs, politicians, and ordinary people; A 140-word platform where you can be read at any hour of the day or night. Or simply follow or stalk people with what they have to say, and what they have to say doesn't just disappear into thin air. Its absorbed instantaneously into the system. Be ready to witness real-time authentic outbursts, shameless self-promos or wide-reaching gossip. Twitter is addictive. More importantly, fun!

Now if you've signed up to Twitter, addded the celebs of your choice (aplusk an essential) and followed online brands. What now? I'm sure you're at a loss who to add locally (besides your friends who make the most boring tweets ever) I hope this blog can deliver and provide you with that interesting collective- the best pinoys twitters to follow. Twiririts na! Chos!