Tuesday, April 12, 2011

James Younghusband on Twitter

Phil Younghusband is adorable and CHAROT! But I've always had my eyes set on the younger Younghusband

Just arrived at the first day of TYFA's summer school :D great to see lots of kids!!
7 Apr

@santi_luv_JYH53 haha we had to carry all our bags and equipment through Tokyo's subways and jump over the boxes at the escalators
13 Mar

Liking this take your shoes off in public places thing. Makes me feel right at home :)
9 Mar

@mollytri hi Molly! I'm good thanks! I'll be spending v day with my mum and little sister x
11 Feb

What a fantastic night!!!!!!!!!! A win against Mongolia. We did the job. Just wish we could of scored more goals :(

10 Feb

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Phil Younghusband on Twitter

Can't get enough of Team Azkals? Come get yourself a gorgeous Younghusband on twitter!

mas masipag ako kay james kasi he he :p
5 Apr

World cup qualifier - Philippines vs Sri Lanka. Game in Philippines july 3 :)
30 Mar

@vilmadupaya I have the younghusband football academy balls he can have :)
28 Mar

I want to pack my football boots, fly to Myanmar and play :(

23 Mar

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