Monday, June 20, 2011

Andi Manzano on Twitter

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You can't leave your footprints on the world if you're too busy tiptoeing.
4:17 AM Apr 6th via web 

Butong pakwan ♥ 9:55 AM 
Apr 5th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Buti pa ang calendar may date!! Haha 

44 minutes ago via web 

Pag mayaman na ko, ititira kita sa mansyon. Pero dahil mahirap pa ako, dito ka muna sa puso ko.
about 3 hours ago via TweetDeck

Ampalaya ka ba? Bitter mo kasi. #andilines 12:41 AM Apr 12th via Twitter for BlackBerry®
Kung hindi ako ang para sayo, kawawa ka naman. #andilines
 7:58 AM Apr 9th via Twitter for iPhone from here  

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Aiko Melendez on Twitter

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Jomari and I will probably take it from there and see where it will lead us...:) 7mos na almost everyday kame ... about 16 hours ago via ÜberSocial

Jom's car:) super tulin:) humataw kame sa road:) miss the feeling ng sumasakay sa race car:) love it:) #racemode 3:07 AM Apr 12th via ÜberSocial

Why majority ng tao now me pagka nega? Kalerky monday na monday. Uy!!! Tigilan na yan!! 2:06 AM Apr 11th via ÜberSocial

Nakakaaliw naman:) me team aiko-jomari and me team aiko-martin:) you guys are making me smile:) thanks for all your msgs:) 4:29 AM Apr 7th via ÜberSocial

Jomari and I will be seeing each other in a bit:) we are proud parents to our little boy andre. Big day for our son :) 9:48 PM Apr 6th via ÜberSocial

You are not going to get any information from me dear:) I have nothing to hide so wag m na akong sundan kng sino ka man!!! 12:41 PM Apr 4th via ÜberSocial

When there is a "bull" for sure there is shit... Ahhahha:) la lang :) Tuesday, April 05, 2011 1:07:53 AM via ÜberSocial

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