Monday, March 22, 2010

Iza Calzado on Twitter

You'd be surprise on how outspoken and Iza Calzado is on twitter, her tweets are socially relevant. The showbiz fluff is a bonus :)  

Iza Calzado
on twitter

hrd radio ads of 2 presidentaibles dat just seemed so fake. Talkin abt d past wen they shud B focused on the future & wht they can do NOW!
10:35 PM Mar 14th via UberTwitter

Pacquiao's double hand move was so very FPJ inspired! Hahaha! :p
12:01 AM Mar 14th via UberTwitter

I am so honored to be nominated together with great actresses Vilma Santos, Irma Adlawan and so many others. This is a dream come true.
12:17 AM Mar 8th via UberTwitter

On my way to Spiral buffet at Sofitel. Yummy! :) I must remember how hard training was today so I can stay away frm the dessert table :p
12:01 AM Mar 11th via UberTwitter

If anyone asks why I'm so concerned? I was once obese. I come from a family of hearty eaters & I'm trying 2 change that. The Time is NOW! :)
12:24 AM Feb 16th via UberTwitter

Dear Smart. As much as I love ur service, there seems to be a problem with it today. Msgs are majorly lagging. I wonder if it's just my fone
1:35 AM Feb 17th via UberTwitter

Yo Jamby, fyi, I don't think you would have won in the 2004 elections if not for Juday. At least be grateful abt it..
7:41 PM Feb 11th via UberTwitter

Iza Calzado on twitter

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