Sunday, December 11, 2011

Regine Velasquez Alcasid Twitter: reginevalcasid

May new twitter account na si Regine Velasquez, its now reginevalcasid, binuo lang naman ang Regine Velasquez Alcasid and she regularly tweets about her baby Nate Alcasid.

Hi everyone! it's really me regine v. Alcasid!
5 Dec Favorite Retweet Reply

Yoga ulit ang Lola nyo, ang hirap naman mag papayat. I really think it's age huhwaaaaah! super lumang tao na talaga ako!

Di ko malimutan kung kailan nagsimula matutung ikaw ang mahalin I've been singing this to Nate

My son is one month old today:-D

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Regine Velasquez Alcasid

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jewel Mische Twitter

mischejeweL Jewel Mische
If only I would obey my parents, I wouldn't be in the Philippines right now. I would've left a long time ago. It has been my choice to stay.
21 Jul 10 Favorite Reply

How I miss my family. And I got an unexpected letter from dad. I love you daddy!! I miss you soooo much I wanna fly to Europe right NOW!! ☹
21 Jul 10 Favorite Reply

I have sentences, paragraphs, thoughts all in my head but I feel unable to arrange them into coherent sentences.
28 Apr 10 Favorite Reply

But I feel so unable to write these days.
28 Apr 10 Favorite Reply

mischejeweL Jewel Mische
I miss blogging ..

You need not to think alike to love alike.
27 Apr 10 Favorite Reply

Aaaaah.. He is so wonderful. If you only knew. ❤❤❤
27 Apr 10 Favorite Reply

This week - I cooked,laundered,sang,danced,cuddled,planned,changed polish,baby-sat,had a pictorial,watched movies,hated,loved, & loved more.
23 Apr 10

Jewel Mische
If GMA doesn't have a job to offer, I might consider working with another network.
4 Apr 10

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jasmine Curtis-Smith Twitter

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jascurtissmith Jasmine Curtis-Smith
Push the negative vibes away and make room for positivity.
3 Oct Favorite Retweet Reply

Thank you Posh Nails for pampering me kanina :)
3 Oct

AUKH fact: that scene full of explosives was shot at around 3 am na! Natalsikan pa sila JC at Empoy nun sa mukha. Wawa. Pero achieve!

jascurtissmith Jasmine Curtis-Smith
uyyy I'm at a fitting for dresses to wear to the Esquire ball. Sabi ni Ate "model size ka, wala ng kaylangan i-alter" SAAABEEEEH :)
3 Oct

Nakiki-Internet ako ngayon sa isang taong may wifi sa starbucks. Kaso ang shogal shogal ng connection niya. Kalurkkks hahahaha
3 Oct

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Claudine Barretto Twitter

itsmeclaudineb Claudine Barretto
Hi tweethearts. Mis u all. Been busy my Mom naman s in d hospital lastnyt highblood naman.! L b n Red Garlic our resto tonight again.
3 Oct

At Princess pacquiao's 5th bday Party:-)

@curtisannesmith napagalitan ako ni raymart he cooked wheat pasta with chicken n truffle oil:-)d ako nag dinner
14 Sep

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Solenn Heussaff on Twitter

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# OMG!! FML!I was describing something to my dad with grand arm gestures and as I lifted my arms my shirt flew up and flashed my dad! #killmenow 
about 21 hours ago via ÜberSocial

I don't usually hate. But I really dislike people who insult others without even knowing them. Ay! 
about 22 hours ago via ÜberSocial

Ordered a salad for take out.they gave me a spoon.hhhmm how do I eat this? Survivor style or doggy style? Lmao 
10:15 PM Apr 11th via ÜberSocial

Haha I know guys my pinoy accent is horrible.but I'm learning and will keep on need to challenge yourselves. 8:10 AM Apr 5th via ÜberSocial

Me:" dad,my twitter friends say happy bday!" Dad:"wot iz zis twitty zing"(french accent) lol 8:20 AM Apr 2nd via ÜberSocial

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Enzo Pineda on Twitter

Everybody wants to be somebody, but not everybody wants to grow
10:05 PM Apr 10th via web

# A life without love is like a year without summer. Good morning everybody!:) Have a blessed monday
9:22 PM Apr 10th via web

Burp!!:) Thank you Lord!:)
7:50 AM Apr 10th via Twitter for iPhone

I'm teaching my pamangkin how to doughie hahaha kulit!:)
7:18 AM Apr 8th via web

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sam Pinto on Twitter

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So happy that I can now unlock my iPhone!!! Guys any baseband and any version! Here's my contact from Greenhills his name is JR 09172590653 5:57 AM Apr 11th via Twitter for iPhone

Look forward. Walk forward. 8:39 AM Apr 9th via Twitter for iPhone

Bato bato pik. 2:00 AM Apr 2nd via ÜberSocial

Kung gusto talaga, may paraan. Kung ayaw talaga, madaming dahilan. Tama? 2:43 PM Mar 30th via ÜberSocial

Just saw this play in UP.. I like watching plays.. Nakakainsipre :) 4:24 AM Mar 5th via ÜberSocial

Have to go to Nail Files soon to have my manipedi.. Hay. And also Kazemi for my facial.. Gotta look good ey! :)Friday, March 04, 2011 3:47:35 PM via ÜberSocial

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rufa Mae Quinto on Twitter

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Don't make promises when u are in joy, Don't reply when you are sad. Don't take decision when you are angry.Think twice. Act WISE!Happy day! about 6 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Ok, I gave it all to you 5:10 AM Apr 10th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Hay,look look nalang muna,I forgot, 3yrs na pala akong walang katabi sa kama!haha! Nag-iisa ako,I'm the One! 10:46 PM Apr 9th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

HAy,presyo ng mga bilihin,talagang nagtaasan,sana. Tumaas mga sweldo natin,para mas masaya!!!!wish ko yan!wish wish wish! 7:11 PM Apr 9th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Andi Manzano on Twitter

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You can't leave your footprints on the world if you're too busy tiptoeing.
4:17 AM Apr 6th via web 

Butong pakwan ♥ 9:55 AM 
Apr 5th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Buti pa ang calendar may date!! Haha 

44 minutes ago via web 

Pag mayaman na ko, ititira kita sa mansyon. Pero dahil mahirap pa ako, dito ka muna sa puso ko.
about 3 hours ago via TweetDeck

Ampalaya ka ba? Bitter mo kasi. #andilines 12:41 AM Apr 12th via Twitter for BlackBerry®
Kung hindi ako ang para sayo, kawawa ka naman. #andilines
 7:58 AM Apr 9th via Twitter for iPhone from here  

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Aiko Melendez on Twitter

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Jomari and I will probably take it from there and see where it will lead us...:) 7mos na almost everyday kame ... about 16 hours ago via ÜberSocial

Jom's car:) super tulin:) humataw kame sa road:) miss the feeling ng sumasakay sa race car:) love it:) #racemode 3:07 AM Apr 12th via ÜberSocial

Why majority ng tao now me pagka nega? Kalerky monday na monday. Uy!!! Tigilan na yan!! 2:06 AM Apr 11th via ÜberSocial

Nakakaaliw naman:) me team aiko-jomari and me team aiko-martin:) you guys are making me smile:) thanks for all your msgs:) 4:29 AM Apr 7th via ÜberSocial

Jomari and I will be seeing each other in a bit:) we are proud parents to our little boy andre. Big day for our son :) 9:48 PM Apr 6th via ÜberSocial

You are not going to get any information from me dear:) I have nothing to hide so wag m na akong sundan kng sino ka man!!! 12:41 PM Apr 4th via ÜberSocial

When there is a "bull" for sure there is shit... Ahhahha:) la lang :) Tuesday, April 05, 2011 1:07:53 AM via ÜberSocial

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Bea Binene Twitter


I want Choco-Flavored Bibingcrepe sooooop badly! :/ 1 week na tong craving ko na to.. 3:36 AM Apr 6th via Twitter for iPhone 

G'Morning! CB Taping today. Sana wala akong masyadong Fight Scenes ngayon. Ang sakit pa ng katawan ko from Training nung Tuesday e. Hehe. :) 7:53 PM Mar 30th via Twitter for iPhone 

Nawrong send ako, shonga! Haha! 2:33 AM Mar 29th via Twitter for iPhone 

OMG, Miley Cyrus' going to Manila? :D 11:57 AM Mar 28th via web 

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kim Atienza Twitter Account

"bakla" is from ancient filipino alibata. "ba" means feminine and "la" is masculine. RT @joygutierrez28 @arnellignacio BAKLA!!!!!!!!!!! about 2 hours ago via Twitterrific

they can always break your heart, but never your spirit. continue to love. RT @jhunnieconchi you give me a love quote for broken hearted? 12:34 AM Apr 11th via Twitterrific

just finished a 7k run. the endorphins are making me scream. i'm sooooooo poooogiii! life is soooo goooood! i love this life! 8:16 PM Apr 10th via Twitterrific

my mantra for today. di masakit ang legs ko, di masakit ang legs ko, di masakit ang legs ko... 4:19 PM Apr 10th via Twitterrific

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

James Younghusband on Twitter

Phil Younghusband is adorable and CHAROT! But I've always had my eyes set on the younger Younghusband

Just arrived at the first day of TYFA's summer school :D great to see lots of kids!!
7 Apr

@santi_luv_JYH53 haha we had to carry all our bags and equipment through Tokyo's subways and jump over the boxes at the escalators
13 Mar

Liking this take your shoes off in public places thing. Makes me feel right at home :)
9 Mar

@mollytri hi Molly! I'm good thanks! I'll be spending v day with my mum and little sister x
11 Feb

What a fantastic night!!!!!!!!!! A win against Mongolia. We did the job. Just wish we could of scored more goals :(

10 Feb

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Phil Younghusband on Twitter

Can't get enough of Team Azkals? Come get yourself a gorgeous Younghusband on twitter!

mas masipag ako kay james kasi he he :p
5 Apr

World cup qualifier - Philippines vs Sri Lanka. Game in Philippines july 3 :)
30 Mar

@vilmadupaya I have the younghusband football academy balls he can have :)
28 Mar

I want to pack my football boots, fly to Myanmar and play :(

23 Mar

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Zsa Zsa Padilla on Twitter

Ang importante, natapos namin ang pelikula. Ito na marahil ang huli nyang pelikula. Sana naman, lalo na at magpapasko na, ipamasko mo na 
12:19 PM Dec 20th via web

Went to the salon in my chinelas only to discover 2 manicurists are absent and the rest are fully booked. #manicurefail 
12/16/2010 6:18:48 PM via Twittelator

I cooked noodles which actually tasted blah- low sodium. Good for my kidneys. But then couldn't resist the chili sauce. Now, I'm perspiring! 
12:12 AM Dec 16th via web

Stuck at home coz I can't drive. :( That should make a good new year's resolution: learn to drive! 
11:37 PM Dec 14th via Twittelator

Passing by grocery to buy ingredients for chiken adobo with liver for @anakarylle She's been working too hard her BP a bit low. I'll cook it 
5:11 AM Dec 1st via Twittelator

So like my character in "Minsan lang kita Iibigin". That's a miracle RT @ANCALERTS Pregnant woman survives 24 stab wounds 
11/26/2010 11:53:24 AM via Twittelator

Brought Dolphy Indian vegan food from where I ate. Some thanksgiving we have. No, Virginia. I didn't mean Native American Indian. 
7:46 AM Nov 25th via web

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dimples Romana Twitter Account

time to spend golden time with my hubby and baby ;) 
12/19/2010 5:59:55 PM via web

I've always loved the scenes of ate mylene with Kathryn and ping with Kathryn.. I feel very honored working with great actors.. 
8:36 AM Dec 15th via Twitter for iPad

would like to thank REVLON for my photoready make up and hazelnut shade of Colorburst collection im now using on Mara Clara ;) 
7:56 AM Dec 8th via web

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tirso Cruz III on Twitter

If you're a big fan of Guy and Pip, then its never too late to admit how old you are, follow your idol Tirso Cruz III on Twitter

At GMA earlier, while tweeting, someone poked me. I looked up and to my surprise, twas the champ Manny Pacquiao!!!!!! Woooooooo!! 
4:19 AM Dec 13th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Ang diwa ng Pasko ay di nakikita sa regalo kundi sa puso at tunay na pagkatao. 
12/9/2010 9:04:43 AM via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Most hated word of the times. TRAFFIC!!!!!!! 
3:00 AM Dec 2nd via Twitter for BlackBerry®

My wish for 2011 is sana, magkaroon ng ROAD COURTESY mga jeep drivers. Coz they're "effin" getting into my nerves!!!!!! 
2:57 AM Dec 1st via Twitter for BlackBerry®

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