Thursday, August 13, 2009

Anne Curtis on Twitter

I am determined to finish the rest of my errands on TO DO List. I love the feeling you get when you cross something off the list! LOVES IT.

When a heart breaks, it don't break even...
8:33 PM Apr 22nd from TwitterBerry

1:01 PM Apr 17th from TwitterBerry

Whatever Anne wants Anne gets :)
8:25 AM Mar 11th from TwitterBerry

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Luuurvethebeast: Margarette Labs

Idlip saves.4:13 AM Aug 9th from web

Oddly enough, I luuurve scaring myself.
9:24 PM Jul 29th from web

I'm bored and boring, confused and confusing.
7:14 AM Jul 19th from web

But like some things, you never came.
8:21 PM Jun 22nd from web

I'm always wondering why my memory sucks.
9:24 PM Jun 19th from web

Work. Work. Work. Love. Love. Love.
2:26 AM Jun 13th from web

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Alessandra De Rossi on Twitter

today is zoo day!!!! please mag-alay tayo ng itlog!!! hahahahaahh! god, stop the rain today!
11:28 PM Aug 5th from Twitterrific

i tweet. i sleep. i miss you all. im busy. i cry.
12:05 PM Aug 3rd from Twitterrific

im your chicano lover. come, shave my bigote.
2:25 AM Jul 29th from Twitterrific

good night. im in love.
10:09 AM Aug 5th from Twitterrific

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Alessandra De Rossi and her trademark frankness on Twitter

Ping Medina Tweets & Pings

Gray long sleeves. Black cotton jeans. Italian shoes. Slick hair... One must be presentable, when paying respects to a late President.
2:09 AM Aug 3rd from TweetDeck

bought powdered Gatorade. 9 gallons yes!
6:24 AM Jul 7th from web

so now i settle for... researching on side swept hairstyles for my character's "new look"... picky picky..
2:32 AM Jul 4th from web

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Lea Salonga on Twitter

First day of pre-school. No crying. No anxiety. And Nicole was doing fine, too.
10:43 AM Jun 30th from web

@ikmo5 Sorry, I don't do weddings.

10:29 AM Jul 10th from web in reply to ikmo5

Oops... Commandments.
1:05 PM Jun 28th from web

Holy crap! Just found out that a lot of my albums released in the Philippines are now on iTunes!!! WOO-HOOOOO!!!
12:17 PM Jun 24th from web 

I believe that everyone has the fundamental right to head to city hall with the person they love and get married. Period.
9:25 AM Jun 11th from web

I deem it necessary to hurl the occasional expletive... there are times when no other word/s will do.
8:20 PM May 23rd from web

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Regine Velasquez on Twitter

hoping for Ogie's fast recovery :-(
6:12 AM Aug 3rd from web

officially twerson :)
6:24 AM Jul 12th from web

welcome my new tweollowers!!
5:59 AM Jul 12th from web

its flaterring, knowing that David and Charice, most promising young talents today, adores how i sing, sigh...
6:07 AM Jun 21st from web

Stalk Regine Velasquez as she tries to create her own Twitter lingo ;>

KC Concepcion

BEAUTY is what happens between WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING AT, and that FIRE IN YOUR BELLY.
3:28 PM Jul 20th from web

someone truly important to me just 'drunk-dialled' tonight. it was just da most inspiring thing! im eternally grateful i picked up da phone.
11:13 AM Jul 2nd from web

THANKS pops! fr bein back in my life after 13 yrs of 'forbidden luv'. lol. THANKS dad! for realising i still get a bit jealous sometimes! ;p
4:57 PM Jun 21st from web

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Raymond Gutierrez

to those who are asking, chard doesn't have a twitter account. he's with me now and sends his love to twitterworld.
8:13 AM Jul 18th from web

Met a dog that only understands french at the Heussaff household. Couldn't get my accent right so he wouldn't listen. Felt so pressured!
6:29 AM Jul 15th from TwitterBerry

is a self-confessed techie wannabe. i love gadgets but gadgets dont seem to love me.
12:55 AM Mar 30th from web

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Georgina Wilson on Twitter

im currently so obsessed with owning a balmain jacket.. please fashion Gods please find a way for that to end up in my wardrobe...
2:30 AM Jun 8th from web

Day 8: am finding myself listening to peoples dinner plans with the excitement similar to that of a young boy watching porn for the 1st time
3:14 AM Mar 24th from TwitterBerry

three days left! this is now a mental battle - want to prove to myself that I have the discipline and commitment to finish what I start
4:09 AM Mar 23rd from web

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Katwo Puertollano Tweets!

Thou shall not use the masses as an excuse for bad television, unsavory advertising and terrible pop music.
7:32 AM Aug 4th from web

GMA is so excited that she looks like she's gonna shit herself all over that White House chair
3:27 AM Jul 31st from web

hell, i wanna do ad campaigns for ever bilena. yeah i said it.
10:19 AM Jul 30th from web

Kung national artist si Carlos J Caparas, e di lahat tayo pwede na maging national artist!
8:05 AM Jul 30th from web

Manila Art Fair was fun. Realized it's easier to make money from art than music.
12:48 PM Jul 16th from web

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