Friday, February 26, 2010

Howie Severino @ Twitter

I'm ambivalent about feeling happy about a beating.
5:20 AM Nov 15th, 2009 from web

The rain and wind stopped all of a sudden, then the power came back. This is the kind of typhoon I like.
7:24 PM Oct 30th, 2009 from web

We need to start calling it the Ampatuan Massacre, because it occurred in the town the Ampatuans named after themselves. Spare Maguindanao.
4:33 AM Nov 25th, 2009 from web

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bighani Daquigan: bighunneh

Okra is yummy. :D I missed eating that veggie. :) 
5:41 AM Jan 16th from web

If all good things must come to an end, all bad things would also eventually end. 
8:01 AM Dec 28th, 2009 from web

Stop making me melt. It makes not falling for you harder. 
10:16 PM Dec 21st, 2009 from web

Don't you know that you're the bitch everyone loves to hate? Bitch. 
4:22 AM Dec 6th, 2009 from web

You have stolen my heart. 
3:01 AM Nov 28th, 2009 from web

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Kris Aquino-Yap on Twitter

Kris Aquino's Official Twitter page started on February 11. Do we need more of her everywhere? especially online?

If you have 'Kris Aquino fetish' and want a direct link into her head. Her tweets so far don't disappoint!

My gosh! Super exhaustion and my lack of balance while scrubbing my legs, I slipped in the shower. Super banged my head around 1:30 AM...
11:38 PM Feb 18th from web

Last tweet till I'm better. Forcing myself to update you all. I suffered a concussion. Cerebral and inner ear. Must've fallen that hard...
7:33 AM Feb 19th from web

Going home na. Will rest till Wednesday. My head still feels heavy but I was able to sleep/rest a lot. Baby James was saying, "Wawa mama...
about 5 hours ago from web

This is really Krisy. My proof - I was born Feb 14, 1971 at exactly 11:42 PM! I was exactly 7 lbs. via CS section in FEU Hospital.
2:15 AM Feb 11th from web

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Ernest Pascual on Twitter: Patweetams_lang

i miss arnis day 
10:44 PM Feb 17th from web

twitter makes me surf the net bigtime! 
9:27 PM Feb 17th from web

noodles and self control. 
4:14 AM Feb 9th from web

i wanna be the no. 1 samurai. 
9:42 AM Feb 7th from web

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